A custom piece or commission can be for any occassion, a special gift to yourself or a loved one, to announce a special event or to support an idea or story. 


I can make your idea's come to life, draw your loved characters that only excist in writing (or excist in drawings). I can make them interact with eachother or deliver a ref sheet for you or other artists to refer to. 


Don't have your own characters but like what you see? I also draw those precious family members and/or pets. 
Or even your favorite characters from a series, movie or comic. Want to see some unlikely parings? Then I'll be free to draw those as well. 

Want something else? A comic, a full drawing for a book or anything you can think of, don't be shy and sent me a message. I'm open to pretty much anything! :)



Waist up sketch: € 10

Full body sketch: € 15

+ additional character waist up: € 6

+ additional character full body: € 10

Waist up character: € 15

Full body character: € 20

Full body character with background: € 30

+ Additional character waist up: € 10

+ Additional character full body: € 15


Prices may vary a bit depending on the complexity of the characters and/or pose.  

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